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Adult Sandbox - PC and MAC OS

Enjoy building your very own Adult Sex Film.

Virt-U-Mate is a cutting edge adult entertainment simulator & sandbox experience meant as a creative tool for designing virtual adult content. The aim of this project was to make realistic characters using joint control, soft body physics, physics hair, cloth simulation and accurate collisions.


4.2 Rating


“I've played many of these types of games and there have been various levels of quality for them. I have to say after playing this one, that it is already shaping up to be one of the best that I've played.”


“This game is certainly specific, but if you are still interested in the description and screenshots, and are aware of a few bugs, you can play it without hesitation and you won't regret it because this game has absolutely everything that you need!.”

ya good?

“Now I learned how to have my first sex, going to party tomorrow, wish me good luck everyone!.”



Open-world playability to create your wildest dreams

Massive interaction and customization allow your to choose the place and erotic scenario to fulfil your deepest fantasies

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