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Revenge of Black Bone

Open World RPG - PC and MAC OS

Immerse yourself in a Caribbean teeming with danger and desire

Welcome to the seductive and perilous world of "Revenge of Black Bone," the eagerly awaited sequel to the smash hit game "Curse of Black Bone." Set sail once more for the sun-kissed shores of Port Royal, where treasures gleam, mysteries whisper, and beautiful women captivate.


4.8 Rating


“If you are a fan of this genre..

I recommend you get this game!

The graphical detail is what I liked the most!

Sounds and Music is also good!



“I love the pirate character customization everywhere, replayability is skyrocketing! Very fun to play with! 100% recommended!.”


“EA 18+ Adult sim + leveling and $ mechanics + promising = Building on 1st game, there are a lot of improvements. Buy and unlock new toys, locations, clothing and more. Level up and get new goodies..”



In this mature, open-world RPG, you'll immerse yourself in a Caribbean teeming with danger and desire. 

Explore the vibrant streets and shadowy alleys of Port Royal, where every corner holds a new secret to uncover and every tavern brims with tales of daring exploits. Engage in high-stakes encounters with dangerous pirates and cunning rivals, or indulge in steamy liaisons with the town's alluring inhabitants.

Wishlist now on Steam

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