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Touchdown Girls

Adult Visual Novel - PC and MAC OS

Go back to college and fuck the football team

Touchdown Girls is an all new Visual Novel from Entropy Digital Entertainment. Using state of the art 3D rendered animations, players will explore the University of Brigham State, a popular high ranking University known mostly for it's outrageous parties and sexy students


87 Rating


“Some amazing animation and scenes not like anything that I've seen before in visual novels.”

William Bolitho

“Why can't every animated novel be more like this one?”

Sem :D

"Pretty high expectations, but I think the story and characters are top notch. The effects are super realistic, I don't know how they did it."



The Competiton has never been so rough

Deep Stories and Amazing Girls Await the Field

Follow the story of Mike Meuller, an up and coming college football quarterback as he makes his way through a sexy and fun sports themed visual novel. 

Unlock high resolution CG galleries, hundreds of high definition 1920 x 1080 animated scenes and thousands of amazing CG cheerleader renders in this deep visual novel from Entropy Entertainment

Available Now on Steam

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