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Curse of Black Bone

Visual Novel - PC and MAC OS

Explore the sexy world of Port Royal like never before

Curse of Black Bone is an all new Visual Novel from Entropy Digital Entertainment. Using state of the art 3D rendered animations, players will explore the works of Port Royal, a dangerous island in the caribean that is the home to smugglers, pirates and beautiful whores looking to make a better life for themselves.


4.1 Rating


“If you are a fan of this genre..

I recommend you get this game!

The graphical detail is what I liked the most!

Sounds and Music is also good!



“Still EA but can see the potentiel of the game, there are customization everywhere, replayability is skyrocketing! Very fun to play with! 100% recommended!.”


“EA 18+ Adult sim + leveling and $ mechanics + promising = Building on 1st game, there are a lot of improvements. Buy and unlock new toys, locations, clothing and more. Level up and get new goodies..”



Explore the world of Port Royal in this one of a kind Visual Novel where you choose the story

Curse of Black Bone features fully 3D environments that will allow you to point and click your way around the dangerous world of the Caribbean in the 1800s. You play as Billy Bones and up and coming captain of the seven seas out to make fortune and uncover all kinds of sexy booty

Now Available
on Steam

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