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Sex Quest

Adult RPG - PC and Mac OS

An epic adventure covering a vast territory, you will encounter various sex beasts of all sizes.

Sex Quest is an action RPG adventure where you play a warrior maiden who is tasked with freeing the kingdom of a evil goblin warlock who has enslaved the king. Within this epic adventure covering a vast territory, you will encounter various beasts and demons of all sizes and magical powers.


3.5 Rating


“the sex scene where cool wish there was more. I love the way she talk to u. (lol) i'm glad i got it on sale a good experience all in all.”


“This is a very interesting game, I was looking for a slightly more adult RPG and this game exceeded all my expectations. It's fun, it has a nudity very well done and a very adult content, all without forcing the lore of the game.
I recommend giving the game a try.”


“Do some fighting kill a boss have sex after about it. You can buy some stuff and potions, weapons some crafting not much though.”



Play In a Massive 3D World

Prepare to explore a world beyond time and love

Sex Quest takes place in a massive virtual environment that your barbarian princess can explore in fully 3D detail. Collect gold and fend off dangerous beasts while making the journey to free the King of his precious magic sperm

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